ISO 15118 info series   •   18. November 2017

A common question I receive from the EV community is whether there is a difference between ISO 15118 and DIN SPEC 70121. The answer tends to leave many of you quite surprised. This is an essential distinction to understand in order to make sure your ...

  • DIN SPEC 70121
  • AC charging
  • DC charging
  • data integrity
  • ISO 15118
  • data security
  • Plug & Charge
Research projects   •   18. September 2017

We all know that the rise of e-mobility closely links to a charging infrastructure which is readily available, reliable, and sufficient regarding the number of charging stations installed. These are the primary concerns of those who asses for themselves if it is worth buying an ...

  • Public Key Infrastructure
  • ISO 15118
  • VDE-AR-E 2802-100-1
  • charging infrastructure
  • PKI
  • Ultra-E
  • Plug & Charge
RISE V2G   •   25. August 2017

What do you do if you are working on an ISO 15118 implementation, be it for an electric vehicle (EV) or a charging station, and want to make sure that it is a) interoperable with other implementations in the market and b) conform to the ...

  • RISE V2G
  • test system
  • ISO 15118
  • conformance
  • Verisco
  • interoperability