ISO 15118 Test Symposia   •   26. July 2017

Would you like to know which of your market peers are already working on an electric vehicle or a charging station that fully supports ISO 15118? And when can we expect those ISO 15118-compliant products to enter the market?

The above image shows the number of participants and observers at the ISO 15118 Testing Symposium which took place in Versailles in June this year.

Insightful market data with graphic evaluations of the ISO 15118 Testing Symposia

After recently attending five out of the six International ISO 15118 Interoperability and Conformance Testing Symposia, I have analyzed the data gathered from these events and use it to answer these questions for you – in my new chapter 10 of the ISO 15118 Manual.

Yep, that’s right. I added just another chapter with 15 pages full of detailed insights that will answer specifically the following questions. Data is provided with regards to the last three ISO 15118 Testing Symposia that took place in San Diego (April 2016), Seoul (November 2016), and Versailles (June 2017):

  • Which companies (from which countries) have attended?
  • What kind of test equipment did they bring (AC or DC charging)?
  • What is the number of companies per country with test equipment?
  • Which companies tend to dominate the events in terms of attendance levels?
  • Does DC or AC charging equipment currently dominate the test scenarios?
  • What is the distribution of test equipment (vehicles, charging stations, communication controllers, test systems) and charge types (AC and DC charging) as well as identification modes (external identification and Plug and Charge) across all Testivals?
  • How many vehicles and charging stations, and respective communication controllers is each country bringing to a Testival? This would give us a clear idea of the amount of vehicles and charging stations (supporting ISO 15118) that may come to market within the next few years.

I promised on my website that buyers of my ebook will get more for their money spent on the ISO 15118 Manual as time goes by, including an envisioned new chapter on the current market situation of ISO 15118 products. And I keep my promises.

If you didn’t buy my ebook yet, don’t worry. You can get some of the data and graphic evaluations contained in this newly created chapter even with my free extract. Just sign up for free to my newsfeed using the form below.


Security related section updated

Furthermore, I updated some parts of the existing chapters, especially chapter 3 on Security, as I have gained valuable knowledge on how to avoid common pitfalls when implementing the signature creation and verification processes. And I don’t want you to make the same mistakes, but instead save valuable time and money by following my advice.
Have a look at the errata page to see the list of all changes made.

So go ahead and dig into the new chapter, let me know what you think about it and what other questions you might have on your mind with regards to the data provided. I will answer every email.

Happy reading.

P.S.: The basic data analysis with some pretty interesting graphic evaluations are provided for free. This is immensely useful data for the whole market. However, if you want to get all the data analysis, then get your copy of the ISO 15118 Manual.

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