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ISO 15118 goes open source

Trust in a new technology comes with a worldwide adoption and open access.
RISE V2G got you covered as THE open source reference implementation of ISO 15118. 

Complete reference implementation

RISE V2G has evolved as a highly appreciated solution by companies and research institutions worldwide. You can use RISE V2G to test your implementation of ISO 15118-compliant charging stations and electric vehicles.

Its commercial and private use is unrestricted as it is released under the MIT License.

RISE V2G covers all aspects of ISO 15118-2, including all the security related features to bring the user-friendly Plug and Charge mechanism to life.



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Giving a standard wings with open source




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Constantly tested at International Testing Symposia

Interoperability is key for user acceptance and economies of scale but at the same time a major technical challenge due to the huge amount of different implementations, individual use cases and requirements on a diverse global market.

The twice yearly international Interoperability and Conformance Testing Symposium is the most important event to test V2G applications. RISE V2G has been tested at five out of six of those events. As a result, it has not only been consistently improved but has also evolved as a highly appreciated solution by companies worldwide to achieve better results and therefore a better effort/value ratio as costs for shipping electric vehicles or charging stations to those events can be very high. 




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