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Welcome to the V2G Clarity Course Hub! Each of these comprehensive courses has been carefully crafted as a step-by-step guide to help you better understand the mechanics and functionality of ISO 15118. The curriculum includes practical, hands-on exercises that will deepen your knowledge and expertise — all while facilitating the correct application of ISO 15118 within your EV charging products.

Thanks to these courses, you’ll be an expert faster than ever before. Guaranteed!

Benefits of V2G Clarity Courses

Save time & money
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We know how difficult and time consuming it can be to fully understand and correctly implement the ISO 15118 standard. Backed by a decade of experience, our courses are the shortcut you need to master the technology in a faster and easier way — all while helping you avoid common (and costly) implementation issues.

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Each recorded video is also available to you as a transcript (PDF). You can study the course content anywhere — without the need for an Internet connection or even a computer. You can also use the documents to quickly search for the exact information you need during a challenging implementation.

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V2G Clarity presents the course content at training events organised by CharIN Academy The feedback and questions that arise during each on-site training help constantly improve the course material. The best part? You'll receive the updated slides right to your inbox, free of additional charge.

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After finishing the online course, you may still have questions. Good news! V2G Clarity offers a Q&A style web meeting to make sure no stone is left unturned. Invite your colleagues and schedule a call whenever you're ready.

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Course Overview

Join the club of innovators who already use V2G Clarity training material for creating ISO 15118 solutions

Daimler / Delta / GM / Honda / Korean Smart Grid Association / Kostal / Magna Telemotive / TÜV Süd China / and many more

This online course bundle builds upon the course Revolutionize Electric Vehicle Charging. If you want to understand the ins and outs of ISO 15118 and RISE V2G to fully adapt this open-source software to your specific product needs, then this is course is a must-have for you.

After completing the 22 video tutorial and bonus quizzes, you’ll be able to design and market products with the highest possible interoperability in the industry — leading to higher demand and quicker consumer adoption.

The charging products and stations of today are not 100% digitally secure. That means, malicious third parties can manipulate them and hack into a charging session, thereby manipulating data required for charging the EV and billing the customer. The result? Reduced consumer trust and slower adoption of this forward-thinking industry.
It is in our hands — the engineers and manufactures of electric vehicles and charging stations — to place utmost importance on creating not just secure, but user-friendly and interoperable products around the world. That’s where the industry-approved Plug & Charge feature of ISO 15118 comes in. 
The focus on data security and the incredible convenience for the end user makes Plug & Charge a bulletproof solution, but this also means it is difficult to implement. Until now. By purchasing this course bundle, you’ll get access to these three online courses for a discounted price that will make your life as an engineer a lot easier:

In this course, we’ll explore in an easy-to-understand format the tamper-proof security mechanism  that enable the secure and user-convenient Plug & Charge feature of ISO 15118. Without secure communication between EVs and charging stations, malicious third parties can intercept and modify messages.

This course is your shortcut to understanding the essential mechanisms that make ISO 15118 so secure and reliable, and to adapting them to your product line. You don’t have to be a cryptography expert to join, but you will be one when you’re done. 

These 11 video trainings make up the first module of Data Security and Plug & Charge with ISO 15118the world’s most comprehensive course on EV security technology.

This online course builds upon the knowledge established in course The Cryptographic Foundations of Plug & Charge. It focuses on the authentication and authorization process which needs to be carried out before the EV can initiate the power flow and recharge its battery.

If you’re in the need to implement the security features of Plug & Charge on an EV or charging station, then this course and the course The Cryptographic Foundations of Plug & Charge are the right match for you.

This course makes up the second module of “Data Security and Plug & Charge with ISO 15118, the world’s most comprehensive course on EV security technology.

This online course builds upon the knowledge established in course The Cryptographic Foundations of Plug & Charge. It covers the second edition of the industry-approved application guide VDE-AR-E 2802-100-1. That application guide defines the backend processes necessary to establish a smoothly running Plug & Charge ecosystem. 

If you are involved in the chain of cloud-services that are necessary to create, temporarily store, and provision a contract certificate to an EV, then this course is perfect for you. 

This course makes up the third module of “Data Security and Plug & Charge with ISO 15118, the world’s most comprehensive course on EV security technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each course starts as soon as you sign up and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course — you decide when to start and finish and you can repeat any module, any time!
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you will have unlimited access to the course for as long as you like — across any and all devices you own.

If you are unsatisfied for any reason, please contact me within 30 days from the date you purchased a course and I will give you a full refund. Your feedback will help me improve future courses and ultimately, help better inform the e-mobility community.

Each course is intended exclusively for individual use. If you are interested in a company-wide license for a course, please contact me via email.

Do you have any additional questions? Use the chat box in the lower right corner to get in touch and find the perfect solution for you.


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