In-Depth Professional Online Courses

Each of these comprehensive courses has been carefully crafted as a step-by-step guide to help you understand ISO 15118 in-depth. Practical hands-on exercises allow you to explore the knowledge you acquire throughout each course on an even deeper level. This will grow your expertise and facilitate the correct application of ISO 15118 to your EV charging products.

This online course builds upon the course Revolutionize Electric Vehicle Charging. If you want to understand the ins and outs of RISE V2G to fully adapt this open-source software to your specific product needs, then this is course is a must-have for you. 

  • Get a thorough, step-by-step walk through the concepts and mechanics behind the ISO 15118 message exchange between the EV and charging station. 
  • Understand how the theoretical concepts and requirements defined in ISO 15118 are implemented in the RISE V2G codebase. This will leave you with a thorough understanding of the ins and outs of this well-tested software framework.
  • Learn which (hardware) interfaces to implement in order to fully adapt RISE V2G to your specific product needs.  You’ll also learn more about the Combined Charging System (CCS) and powerline communication.

This course will save you a tremendous amount of head-ache and time you would spend otherwise by trying to build and test an ISO 15118 software stack from scratch.

By purchasing this course bundle, you’ll get access to these three online courses for a discounted price: 

In this course, we’ll explore in an easy-to-understand format the cryptographic building blocks that enable the secure and user-convenient Plug & Charge feature of ISO 15118.

  • Get introduced to the terminology and operating principle of symmetric and asymmetric cryptosystems in order to establish a foundational understanding of the key concepts.
  • Recognize the various market roles and types of digital certificates necessary for a secure charging and billing process based on ISO 15118. 
  • Gain a deepened tactical knowledge through hands-on exercises that use the open-source cryptography library OpenSSL.

You don’t have to be a cryptography expert to join, but you will be one when you’re done and understand the security implications that apply to your ISO 15118 product or service.

This online course builds upon the knowledge established in course The Cryptographic Foundations of Plug & Charge. It focuses on the authentication and authorization process which needs to be carried out before the EV can initiate the power flow and recharge its battery. 

  • Fully understand how to set up a Transport Layer Security (TLS) handshake in ISO 15118 to encrypt the communication channel between the EV and the charging station.
  • Minimize your implementation effort and apply the TLS handshake with RISE V2G
  • Know how the EV uses a contract certificate – which is linked to a billing account of an e-mobility service provider – to securely authenticate and authorize itself for a charging session on behalf of the driver.

If you’re in the need to implement the security features of Plug & Charge on an EV or charging station, then this course and the course The Cryptographic Foundations of Plug & Charge are the right match for you. 

This online course builds upon the knowledge established in course The Cryptographic Foundations of Plug & Charge. It covers the second edition of the industry-approved application guide VDE-AR-E 2802-100-1. That application guide defines the backend processes necessary to establish a smoothly running Plug & Charge ecosystem. 

  • Understand how the various e-mobility market roles, like car manufacturer, e-mobility service provider, and charge point operator, need to collaborate to provision a contract certificate for Plug & Charge to an EV.
  • Study the cloud-based system architecture based on which these market roles set up the related processes in their IT systems in order to participate in this ecosystem. 
  • Learn how charging in a private environment differs from public charging in terms of data security.

If you are involved in the chain of cloud-services that are necessary to create, temporarily store, and provision a contract certificate to an EV, then this course is perfect for you.