Plug & Charge Video Tutorial

Put the pieces together

ISO 15118 only defines the communication between electric vehicles and charging stations. But if you don't know how the Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs) and e-mobility business processes work to bring the complete Plug & Charge experience to life, then it's as if you built a brand-new and fascinating car - but forgot to put the engine in it.

Don’t worry! With the resources here, you’ll be covered at every step.

This 40-minute video tutorial will bring your ISO 15118 expertise to a new level.

The ISO 15118 Manual lays the foundation for a perfect understanding of the standard itself. The Plug & Charge Video Tutorial will build on this groundwork and expand upon the intricacies within the EV ecosystem. This will help you understand implementation details of the necessary PKIs and business processes of all e-mobility stakeholders involved in the Plug & Charge experience. 

I am the lead author of this specification which has been published as a VDE regulation. This tutorial is the only one out there on this topic. 

In this 10-minute video I explain Certificate Provisioning - the procedures, business processes, software interfaces and data that needs to be exchanged between the e-mobility stakeholders to bring the user-friendly Plug & Charge experience to life.


You can purchase the VDE Regulation VDE-AR-E_2802-100-1 from the organization's publishing house. That document closes the specification gaps of ISO 15118. It pertains to the provisioning of digital certificates and cryptographic key material necessary for the Plug & Charge use case.

As of September 15th, it is so far only available in German but will be translated into English shortly. 

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