Webinar: Meet ISO 15118 in the Context of Smart Charging – V2G Clarity

Webinar: Meet ISO 15118

Learn more about the technical aspects of smart charging and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging communication

I was invited to a webinar that Newcastle University hosted in conjunction with The Alan Turing Institute in London. We covered many topics related to ISO 15118 and its development, including:

  • ISO 15118 as a key communication protocol for the EV ecosystem
  • How ISO 15118 enables smart charging
  • How ISO 15118-20 enables bidirectional charging
  • Cyber-security provisions currently in place
  • Information about available resources (Knowledge Base, Blog)

Check out the video below to see the full session. You can also download my slide deck here. This webinar is part of New Castle University’s smart charging webinar series

Update to the video: On the presentation slides, TLS (Transport Layer Security) was mistakenly located on the ISO/OSI layer 4 (transport layer), although it should have been placed on the session layer above (layer 5).

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