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Deepen Your Working Knowledge
of ISO 15118 With In-House Trainings

Are you ready to take your working knowledge of the international EV charging standard, ISO 15118, to the next level?

If you follow the V2G Clarity community, you’ll know that I am one of the co-authors of the ISO 15118 standard. I work with companies all over the world to ensure they are implementing the future-proof technology of ISO 15118 correctly. This is your chance to work with me in person and deepen your understanding of this complex specification. Together, we’ll walk through the intricacies of this standard and the Combined Charging System (CCS) while answering all your questions.

In case you can’t attend a live training or would like to go through some of the training material at your own pace, check out the available online courses. The topics covered in these courses are very similar to the live trainings. Plus, they come with additional hands-on exercises to deepen your expertise.

A selection of top EV industry professionals who got ahead of the industry through V2G Clarity training material

ABB / Bosch / Daimler / GM /  Honda / Phoenix Contact / Shell / Tritium / and more

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